Our sustainability

Stakeholder engagement

In 2020, despite the limitations imposed by Covid-19, we pursued numerous stakeholder engagement activities. In particular, we significantly expanded the scope of stakeholders involved in the materiality analysis, reaching a total of 611 people.

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La Carta della Sostenibilità
Sustainability Charter

The Sustainability Charter, approved in February 2020, represents the document in which Pianoforte Group has formalized its commitment by defining guidelines and principles with respect to sustainability issues that impact on people, environment, community, suppliers and customers.

The Sustainability Charter is applied by Pianoforte Holding in all the countries where it operates, in harmony with the Code of Ethics, the Organizational Model 231 and the set of policies, guidelines, procedures, directives and provisions of which the Group's regulatory body is composed.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda focuses on eight SDGs that are considered priorities and for which activities and targets have been defined.

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