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Founded in 2001 and among the leading brands in the retail of underwear, corsetry, lingerie, swimwear, clothing and accessories today.

Our history

Inticom S.p.A., sole  owner of YAMAMAY, is  established in April

First store opened on Sept.15th


100 Mono-brand stores in Italy


First International store in Cyprus

Yamamay is awarded with its first “Franchisor  of the Year”in Italy


Flagship Store Opening in Milano Vittorio Emanuele

The Chinese subsidiary is established in Hangzhou to look after sourcing and quality control


The new Yamamay Headquarter is ready for use in Gallarate

Jennifer Lopez signs a 3-years license  agreement with Yamamay

Yamamay is sponsor and licensee of +39 Team, participating to  the America’s Cup in Valencia


Inticom Group  wholesale turnover exceeds Euro 100mil with a global presence of over 500 monobrand stores

Yamamay opens its first DOS store in Spain

Inticom takes the control of JAKED

Yamamay makes its first sustainable campaign «Yamazonia»


The Yamamay beauty brand is launched


Yamamay in collaboration with AzzeroCo2 launches the campaign GO GREEN. The scope is the reduction of the carbon footprint.


The Cimmino  Family, together with the Carlino family, take the  whole control of Inticom and decide to merge


Intesa Sanpaolo acquires a 10% stake into Pianoforte Group share capital

Chiara Ferragni for a capsule collection. It’s the first underwear brand to use an influencer for marketing

The Yamamay  women volleyball  team wins the Italian Championship together with Italian  Cup, CEV European  Cup and Italian SuperCup


Presentation of the Yamamay fashion show on SKY


Yamamay launches SCULPT a shapewear collection with Sensitive fabrics


Intesa Sanpaolo transfers its stake in Pianoforte to  Melville, a JV between Intesa  Sanpaolo and Neuberger Berman.

Naomi Campbell, the world-famous  top-model, designs a co-branded women’s lingerie collection and becomes the new  brand testimonial



Yamamay launches  the “YHOME” Collection

Yamamay collaborate with Giovanni Gastel for an Art event


Yamamay launches  the new touristic  store concept “Yamamay Beach


Yamamay opens its flagship store in Dubai Marina Mall

Yamamay signs a sponsorship with Cristiano Ronaldo for the brand CR7


Yamamay makes its first bra for surgery with INNERGY technology


NB leaves the Group

When the pandemic starts Yamamay produces its face masks with italian certificated fabrics and gets the Istituo Superiore di Sanità certification as well as CE marks.

Yamamay is the first brand to organize a fund raising for Ospedale Sacco in Milan, Ospedale Spallanzani in Rome and Policlinico di Napoli.


Yamamay is the first brand of swimsuits to launch a polymer capsule collecion 100% recyled and recyclable with a certification of eco design and circularity.

The board of directors provides for the inclusion of an independent female member

retail sales
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At Yamamay, the product - in its most innovative aspect - is strongly linked to the company's purpose, which places the wellbeing of our customers at the center by offering them high quality, durable products and paying special attention to the sustainability and responsibility of our actions. For this reason, the research activity we conduct, aimed at creating products that meet the needs of our customers in terms of quality, safety and innovation, is constantly increasing.

Key figures

percentage of brand appreciation by women
target to reduce stock keeping units by 2024
number of inspections carried out
CYao Cards used in 2020


Inclusiveness, respect and valuing people are the fundamental elements on which we base our relationship with human capital, local communities, suppliers and all those with whom we collaborate. In the same way, we believe that being able to convey our values to our collaborators in a clear way, guiding and informing them, especially in relation to environmental and social issues, is a prerogative to activate real change, which can only be achieved with the involvement and contribution of everyone.

Key figures

employees with permanent contracts
hours of training provided to direct and affiliated employees
percentage of women in the workforce
years average employee age


The Planet - our fragile and precious home - is going through a period of profound change. For years it has been put to the test by the unsustainable practices of companies and human beings. Since our inception, at Yamamay we have acted responsibly to protect the environment, safeguard biodiversity, reduce waste and emissions, and raise awareness amongst our employees - and all those we come into contact with - in order to pursue sustainable development and decarbonization together.

Key figures

CO2 emissions headquarters and vehicles (vs. 646,688 kg CO2 in 2019)
non-hazardous waste (vs 39.67 t in 2019)
total store energy consumption (vs 14,296 GJ in 2019)
packaging material saved
Our initiatives
EDIT line
EDIT line

The EDIT line, our path to circularity

The EDIT line stems from the need to develop concrete projects with the aim of reducing the impact of products and packaging on the environment.

The swimsuits created in the EDIT line are made with a mono-polymer fabric, 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, of which they will occupy a leading position in the market of beachwear as they represent a combination of customer needs and awareness’, increasingly oriented to make the same informed choices at the time of purchase.

For the polymers used in the production of the fabric and accessories applied to the swimsuits, we involved Tide Ocean SA, a Swiss multinational, which creates them from oceans plastic, in total respect of biodiversity. Subsequently, the same polymers were used to create the polyester fabric, thanks to the experience of Tiba Tricot, an Italian company specialized in the production of warp-knitted fabrics. The fabric has completely innovative characteristics as it is not only made from plastic recovered from the oceans, but is also elastane-free, meaning such absence guarantees the total circularity of the product. The final phase of the project saw the collaboration with Belton Group, a company specialized in the realization of micro-components for the fashion accessories sector, which created the personalized accessories to be included in the costumes of the line. 

The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

At the end of 2020, we completed the transition phase from Product Data Management (PDM) to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a year-long project that allowed us to refine the levels of traceability, control, and visibility throughout the product lifecycle. In particular, all information relating to the traceability of finished products and components is included on the PLM so that there is the possibility of immediate consultation. The objective of PLM is twofold: on the one hand, the improvement of the efficiency of the design process; on the other, the possibility to carry out more collaborative activities with suppliers, acknowledging the changing needs of the market.

The transition to PLM has involved an external consultant who has analyzed the work process of our departments, identifying organizational improvements to be implemented. 

PLM will allow us to monitor and analyze specific and highly informative KPIs, including technical comments on prototypes, reduction in the number of prototypes and their shipments, transit times of projects in the various stages of production, and the progress of the collection and supplier analysis. Other KPIs related to the efficiency, effectiveness, cost and quality of our production cycle will be implemented by the end of 2021, with the ultimate goals of reducing Time to Market and increasing efficiency in collection development processes.


Training offer
Training offer

Yamamay and the training offer for our People

At Yamamay we have always aimed at enhancing our human capital through the promotion of continuous learning of hard and soft skills, structured professional growth and the sharing of knowledge.

Yamacademy is the corporate school we refer to for classroom and distance learning activities, coaching experiences and on-the-job training. The Academy, which has become a pillar of the Company, was created with the aim of spreading, developing and innovating the culture of training and personal growth in the perspective of lifelong learning, a strategic aspect of constant acquisition of specific skills, both in the professional and individual fields. Yamacademy aims to involve as many people as possible in activities that spread this model based on continuous updating and growth. In fact, not only direct employees but also affiliates can take advantage of the training courses offered by the platform every year. With a view to lifelong learning, the Academy has created a portal where knowledge, guidelines, documents and tutorials are shared, allowing continuous training, at any time and place. An additional function of the portal is placement, allowing users to update their professional profile and apply for possible internal career opportunities.

In addition, by 2021, we plan to digitize the Academy in YAMAPP, the application developed by SKILLEYD, for training exclusive to our brand. The goal is to adapt the training offerings to the socioeconomic context by offering our People an articulated, customized, rich and monitored learning path that they can access wherever they are.

YAMAPP has many strengths, first and foremost the speed and ease with which employees can access the application.

LILT and ANT Foundation
LILT and ANT Foundation

The collaboration with LILT and ANT Foundation for our resources

Collaboration with LILT

Every year, we take part, together with LILT - Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori,


in the initiative "Nastro Rosa" (Pink Ribbon) which promotes the prevention of breast cancer. On the occasion of the "pink" month, this year held in October 2020, we launch training and awareness activities on the subject with the support of LILT volunteer doctors. In addition, we offer our employees the opportunity to undergo free visits, including ultrasound screening.

The initiative has seen a very high involvement from our resources, reaching over 700 visits since 2015 and, in particular, 97 visits in 2020.


The collaboration with ANT Foundation

From 2021, our commitment in terms of prevention, which we have been carrying out for years together with LILT,

Fondazione Ant

will be joined by the collaboration with Fondazione ANT - Associazione Nazionale Tumori, and will be aimed at male employees, confirming the inclusive approach underlying our actions. By supporting this initiative, we will not only further support the fight against cancer, but we will also give our male resources the opportunity to perform free andrological examinations.

Oceans Day
Oceans Day

Another Foundation of which we are proud supporters is One Ocean with which we are committed to developing communication activities to raise awareness of issues related to the protection of land and biodiversity, particularly the oceans. During 2020, it is worth mentioning the activity carried out on the occasion of the launch of the EDIT beach line, produced with plastic recovered from the oceans, 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. The line was presented to the public on Oceans Day 2021 by building a campaign aimed at communicating the need to make more conscious purchasing choices and to act promptly to find solutions and foster a more sustainable blue economy, as well as to expand knowledge about it through ocean literacy. For more on our collaboration with One Ocean, see the chapter "Planet - Protection of Land and Biodiversity" in Yamamay.

The carbon footprint of our products
The carbon footprint of our products

Climate change has led us to understand how on our planet each element influences the other and how the oceans and the Earth are closely connected. The increase of CO2 in the air corresponds to the increase of CO2 in the oceans, which leads to the danger of increasing water acidification and the consequent damage to the marine environment.

In 2020, we conducted a virtuous activity with the aim of measuring, understanding and reducing the impact of emissions generated by our products. Conducting such an activity is an important opportunity for us to analyze the manufacturing and distribution phases, as well as identify inefficiencies and pathways to improve environmental performance. In this regard, we have committed to include specific metrics in collaboration with AzzeroCO2 that have allowed us to measure the carbon footprint of a series of underwear and beachwear products designed with eco-design principles.

In this context, Certiquality started the certification process through the measurement of the carbon footprint


for the SCULPT line, a bestseller line consisting of the following items: leggings, high-waist briefs, bodysuit, briefs and bra. Specifically, we carried out a Partial Product Carbon Footprint (Partial CFP), as we excluded the use and end-of-life phases of the products from the measurement, in order to know and offset the emissions associated with the products sold in 2021 through the purchase of credits in the voluntary market.

Thanks to the study carried out, we have identified that the phase that has the greatest impact on the production of emissions is the upstream, attributable to the production and processing of raw materials. Considering these processes, the processing of fabrics, garments in Sri Lanka, and the handling of raw materials and finished articles, represent the greatest impacts in terms of emissions generated.

The final result of the analysis highlighted the emissions produced by the SCULPT line: 134 tons of CO2eq. Below are the impacts for each category of garment:


Considering that one of the largest impacts occurs in Sri Lanka, we have chosen to offset emissions with

Azzero CO2

the "Energy from mini-hydro in Sri Lanka" project. This initiative brings numerous benefits: the Sri Lankan small hydroelectric plant uses water from the Kuru Ganga River to generate clean energy that supplies the entire island, contributes to the revitalization of the local economy and increased income for citizens, and supports other income-generating activities, including ecotourism, nurseries and agriculture.

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